Software Factory

Beerpay: Monetization platform for open source projects allows developers from all over the world to focus only on their open source projects, giving them a way to monetize their accomplishments. Other developers and companies who find their projects useful may pay the owner to complete its project or make new features. Go open source!

Dogger Jump: Dodge like a ninja!

Simple but challenging dodging videogame. Earn as many points as you can!

Dishwasher app! Who's next, Hulk?

We have a problem! Everyone likes having lunch, but no one wants to wash the dishes! With this app you can decide who's next to wash the dishes! Hulk will take care of that!

DoggerJS: Splendid Weapon at your Fingertips

Framework DoggerJS is the best alternative to start a project using a MEAN aquitecture.

SCRAPfy: Collaborative.Simple

It began as a solution for our team. Sometimes we need to compare code, or simply ask for help to our partners. So, we decided to share this online tool for developers like us. Its simple concept will make you very happy.